Epigenetics – What it is and Why it Matters?

science of epigenetics

The science of epigenetics has changed everything we have been taught about the development of our body and the maintenance of health. For the first time in history, we understand how we each have the ability to change the expressions of our genes. The groundbreaking message of epigenetics is that your DNA and chromatin that regulate the expression of your genes can be altered by either external environmental or internal mental and emotional signals without altering the gene sequence itself. The food you eat. the lifestyle you maintain, the emotional states you experience, the stress and traumas you experience, the quality of the thoughts you think as well as the relationships you maintain, each send signals at different vibrational levels that either support cellular growth and optimal functioning or predispose you and or perpetuate you to illness, dysfunction, and disease. Coined by Conrad Waddington in 1942 it stood for the influences that direct the genes to produce the different proteins that they are designed to manufacture to build the body and keep life functioning.

Genes are no longer your destiny as they can be switched on or off, up regulated or downregulated. There is an astounding process that takes the informational sequences that make up the genes and can alter them just like you can alter the sequences of the zeros and ones that make up the codes for computer programming. It is beyond the scope of this book to share all the different mechanisms of how this process works as I don’t want to bog you down in details. I want to help you use the tools and strategies in this book to help you change your life rapidly! But I do feel it is important for you to understand some basics.

Our Bodies Creative Process of Development

The natural wonder of our bodies is their creative and spontaneous functioning of how each cell, indeed a miracle of the intelligence of nature and life. Our bodies build themselves and maintain our existence is spectacular beyond anything anyone could imagine. From the joining together of a sperm cell and an egg cell to form one cell, to the conception of what will become a fully developed and functioning human being, is indeed spectacular!

Through an evolutionary process, our cells receive an electromagnetic energy many call spirit, lifeforce energy, elan vital or many other names which catalyze this innate cellular knowledge coded into each gene, to multiply itself to become trillions of cells in nine months. This forming human life has received their coding from their parents which has been passed on through time immemorial with the knowledge that has enabled the survival of our species to occur. These coded particles of information receive the lifeforce energy within and surrounding it, to have the power to build and develop three intricate brains, a pervasive nervous system, CoinJoin structure developing muscles and bones and every organ in your body. These organs also develop intricate connections of interdependency to construct a cardiovascular and nervous system, limbic, immune, endocrine and digestive systems.

Through this blog, my books and courses I will teach you how to use new strategies to build or reinforce the neural networks in your brains that send this information to the receptors on your cells to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is a place of balance, optimal wellness, strength and longevity. This is your ultimate goal which begins understanding how your cells receptors absorb the quality of the vibrations being received. Have you ever stepped back and considered all the messages you receive from your environment, associations, emotions and thoughts?  Self-awareness is essential to gain mastery of the vibrational signals you send your cells and your DNA to produce bio-substances to meet the mind-body’s needs, based on the information received from the vibration.

When you understand how each cell has a gene factory which produces proteins and other bio-substances depending upon the signals received by the receptors, you become a co-creator of your mental, emotional and physical health. How you feel, how well your immune system functions to keep you well, how open you are to creativity, beauty, virtue or fun, can all be guided by how well you understand the epigenetic process. 

It can be as simple as knowing that when your cells receive signals that say the system (mind-body) feels safe and is in balance, it produces one type of protein. When your cell receives a signal that says there is stress and it is unsafe (real or imagined danger), the receptor sends a different signal to the DNA and gene production line to produce the proteins needed to meet the threat at hand.

Your human existence is a continual process of energy absorption, evaluation, and production.  Your attention is the means by which you create use a measurable electric magnetic charge and the biochemicals that are produced with the quality of the attentional energy provided. Being alive is a relentless process of distributing and producing billions of volts of energy every second. This energy is circulated through the body and through the space, creating intersecting fields. 

The heart’s field is the strongest; this is why you will notice how I always emphasize to live a heart-directed life. This is a foundational goal of the knowledge and protocols I share. The heart brain creates the dominant electromagnetic field, which influences and entrains your head and enteric brains, as well as the mini-brain systems of the endocrine system.

Yet our body also has an amazing epigenetic partner in our existence which joins us upon birth, and is often ignored and neglected because it is invisible. This invisible partner is called your microbiome. These are the microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses that cover your skin, fill your stomach, mouth and other body parts sharing their DNA and interacting with ours. 99% of the DNA that enables your human existence comes from your microbiome! It is estimated there is ten times the number of microorganisms than the number of our cells in this symbiotic relationship within us, without which we could not survive!

I will focus on the microbiome in future blogs and am working on a new book about it and explain how the science of quantum embodiment can be used to help you overcome over 75 % of the chronic illnesses that plague mankind and reduce the suffering and improve the health greatly of those 25% who may be trapped in toxic environments, mutated genes or damaging events that has caused physical and mental dysfunction.

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