Science Institute of Quantum Embodiment

After 45 years in the field of wellness, self improvement and spirituality I have always embraced the technological advances made to share the knowledge and strategies I have been so fortunate to have learned from masters around the world for my Ph.D. program. Whether in Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Bioenergetics, Neurolinguist Programing, Formative Psychology, Clinical Hypnosis or Ayurveda, these were the origins from which the Science of Quantum Embodiment was to emerge. I feel such gratitude to have been on the forefront of this evolution and integration with neuroscience. I will always be indebted to the incredible influence that Dr. Candace Pert had in my life to unite these many disciplines into the field epigenetics has become today.
The science of Quantam Embodiment
It was because of her inspiration that 15 years ago I created the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I was proud to be the first school in the USA to be able to offer Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner diplomas in this emerging field.
Effective tools and strategies for living an empowered life
Ten years ago I brought my successful ADD/ADHD healing program online after it showed a 97% success rate helping children and adults become medication free. This became the 7 Keys for Attention Development and Emotional Wellness APP and is still helping people today around the world Today as it has been integrated into the curriculum of SIQuE. But now with the revolution of Zoom and other online live platforms, and after the last few years of doing research while traveling through South America, I thought it was time to reach out and share again with students in an interactive training program to teach, heal unwanted conditions in a group setting and let borders not be an issue! This is the birth of the Science Institute of Quantum Embodiment, SIQuE.
I will share the many effective tools and strategies for living an empowered life without psychotropic medications or dependency on any drug that can harm the body. For over 40 years I have seen the power of what lifestyle change, nutritional improvement and emotional stability can do to reverse heart disease and diabetics while preventing cancer, thyroid imbalance and high blood pressure.
Empowered life without psychotropic medications
My recent book “Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment” shares the horrifying facts of why doctors advice is the number cause of death in the America. Add to this the recent advancements in intergenerational epigenetics and neuroscience which I have integrated into Quantum Embodiment and you will learn of the potential breakthroughs for healing that has brought about outstanding results, quicker than I have ever thought possible.
All of these therapeutic modalities and more, are part of what I have incorporated in the Science of Quantum Embodiment, an integrated approach to address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of a human being and his relationships with others. And so as the world goes into quarantine, I have used this as a moment to cocoon and emerge as a butterfly, reaching out to the world to do anything I can to let others know, there IS another way and they can improve their life, enhance their immunity and get off the toxic medications they may have been consuming while finding peace within and in their relationships!
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