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An Overview of Todays Drug Oriented Approach and What the Real Causes of ADD/ADHD and Depression Are

Why are the potentially dangerous and addictive drugs like Ritalin, Adderal, Zoloft and Prozac a first choice in dealing with attention disorders and unhappiness? Who benefits finically from these arrangements and why are children and unsuspecting adults made to think this is the right thing to do? The answers may surprise you as will the real underlying causes of these conditions which when understand can lead one to mastering their inner pharmacy to give themselves all the biochemicals they need to be focused, calm and happy! CD Running Time 68:37

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Toxic Drugs
By Rita
I have hated placing my two children on Ritalin since day 1. Yes,their grades improved by I noticed they were always agitated,slept very little and eat less. They lost their fun nature which before was over the top and now was extinct. This explained it all to me and opened my eyes. I intend to download all Brian's recordings on this subject and pray to find the way to help my kids without subjecting them to these toxic drugs again