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Welcome to my new blog. I felt it was time to use another platform to have an opportunity to interact with others and provide a means for interested parties to access the knowledge, insights and tools and strategies I have shared in my classes, workshops, books, video, and school for the past thirty years. I will share inspiring stories of how people faced, embraced, and replaced the sources of their fears and suffering to replace it with grace and empowerment. I hope the many threads of the questions and answers that will emerge will help them to find another way to improve their lives and experienced the great gift life has to offer us; freedom

The epigenetics cure

A scientifically designed evidence-based program that can be used to prevent over 75% of all chronic physical and mental illnesses. It will expedite a person’s return to health, reduce or alleviate their need for medications and prevent recurrence of any illness or dis-ease by teaching how to change the expressions of their genes.
It integrates many modalities of therapies that include intergenerational epigenetics, neuroscience, meditation, NLP, Hypnosis, Quantum and Formative Psychology, Bioenergetics, Clinical Hypnosis and more

“Within a week of completing the step-by-step protocol I feel like a new person. Everyone around me is asking me what happened? I happily tell them I found the answers inside me by following the steps in this amazing book. I already have stopped taking my antidepressants and sleeping pills, and feel great! M.H.

“I feel empowered like never before. The anxiety from the coronavirus quarantine, and the collapse of my economic future has become a steppingstone of growth and development. I feel fortunate to have learned what to do and how to do it to change my life.” L.R.

“I released a lifetime of built up trauma I had buried deep within from my childhood and avoided my entire life. This unknowingly sabotaged all my relationships and I would always blame my partner. Never again!” J.T.

Learn The Science of Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment®

Spanish Subtitles are Available

The Science of Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment® enables a person to remove the blockages and interference causing pain and suffering at their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship aspects of life. It integrates many modalities of therapies that include intergenerational epigenetics, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, NLP, Hypnosis, Quantum and Formative Psychology, Ayurveda, Bioenergetics, Clinical Hypnosis and more. It helps individuals get to the roots of their issues to heal them at all levels of their consciousness to be free from conditions such as social anxiety, depression, relationship sabotage and many physical, mental and emotional illnesses

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. After 15 years of talk therapy I have had so little change I thought I was a failure. But now I understand how to get to the underlying causes of the issues that have been ruining my life, and I feel excited about my future again! “ H.S.

Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment

Dr. Sheen exposes the dangerous state of affairs in our “sick-care system” and the threats they bring to each person who gets caught in the medical/pharmaceutical complex.

Medical mistakes from a doctor’s advice result in death equivalent to six jumbo jets falling out of the sky every day! Harvard Professor Lucian Leape testimony before Congress

“Learning the facts about the anti-depressants I was taking probably saved my life. They never helped me become happy. Instead, I felt anxiety and lost all interest in sex! These nearly ruined my marriage.” K.D.

“Understanding what my ADHD medication was doing to my nervous system and brain made it clear why I felt wooden and couldn’t sleep, I was always on edge. Thank goodness I found a non-medication way to address my symptoms with his Epigenetic Cure book.”

“This book really opened my eyes to the wrong advice I’ve been getting from my doctor about the heart, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cholesterol pills I was taking. I feel younger and more vital than ever without them as I leaned the underlying causes and made some key lifestyle changes.”

Training Your Brain For Developing Super Immunity

Training Your Brain For Success Through Emotionally Empowered Re-Envisioning (STEER).

Spanish Subtitles are Available

Dr. Sheen teaches students the award-winning lessons he has shared worldwide for the past forty years helping people learn how to enhance their emotional intelligence and retrain their brain to gain mastery over their life to achieve greater success in whatever field they choose. Easy to follow scientifically based tools and processes are provided which have helped thousands worldwide to re-empower their dreams to allow them to manifest what their heart has been yearning and achieve uplifting levels of fulfillment. This provides the vital missing elements “The Secret” failed to share and places the power of neuroscience and applied psychology in your hands. Your dreams are waiting for you to happen when you apply what you learn on this course. Are you ready to soar?

 “I am amazed how much I gained from this course. It completely shifted my perspective on what success is and how to achieve it. My stress levels have dropped 90% as I finally learned how to align myself to the power within me to flow with the power of the universe that surrounds me.”

INCREDIBLE is all I can say. I have tried to apply what I learned by watching “The Secret” but it never worked to move me forward. I did training with Tony Robbins which only stressed me out more and made me feel something was wrong with me. As a last ditch hope I followed the recommendation of a friend to do this course and I was thrilled to finally learn what I was missing and apply it to my life. In a matter of months my life turned around and I feel empowered, having made so much progress on my path to realize my dreams. Thank you Dr. Sheen! I am filled with gratitude.

Overcoming ADD and ADHD to Restore Focus and Self Control

Spanish Subtitles are Available

What you will learn from this course

What if it was possible to begin to correct the underlying causes of ADHD and ADD symptoms and access whatever biochemical substances are needed to feel good or focus by having one’s prescription filled from one’s inner pharmacy?
This is the vision and intent of this course as it shows you how to implement the protocols of Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy book with videos by the author who has helped tens of thousands worldwide improve their focus, peace of mind and self control

“It has been my experience that nothing has helped me more than the knowledge I have learned to reach my inner peace and alignment.” G.N.

“Brian empowered me by providing different methods and techniques that helped overcome a multitude of situations, from everyday challenges to more complicated conditions.” L.B.

“This course has been transformational and truly empowering for me.” P.F.

What you’ll learn

Readers learn how to use an epigenetically-based evidence based step-by-step protocol to make remarkable improvements in their lives. They learn to access the feel good and healing bio-substances they have inside to live a focused and happy life without prescribed medications as they direct their genes in their DNA to provide what they had been missing. The program integrates many modalities of therapies that include epigenetics, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, NLP, Quantum and Formative Psychology, yoga, meditation, A Course in Miracles and Bioenergetics,

This program has been had a 97% success rate helping those with ADD and ADHD become medication free and thrive in school and their lives.

“The knowledge and tools I have acquired through this book helped me expand my vision of myself, my talents, capabilities & potential – but also how I see myself and others in relationships. In endless gratitude,” S.C.

“The knowledge of the Key Prescriptions didn’t just change my life, it SAVED my life. Before I lived a life in a vicious cycle of failed relationships, anxiety, and abusing my body and soul. It gave me the knowledge, tools, confidence, and motivation to do things differently.” N.F. 

Accessing your inner pharmacy

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